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Math Made Easy For Wastewater Plant Operators

Author: Mian Javaid Tariq M. S.

Book Contents
  1. Introduction to Basic Math: This chapter consists topics such as fractions, exponential notation, variable, order of operation, formula, percentage and rounding off numbers
  2. Fundamental and derived units, SI prefixes, unit abbreviations, unit conversions and significant figures are discussed in 2nd chater.
  3. In this chapter, the topics such as area and volume of rectangular, circular ponds, cones, cylinders, triangles, trapezoidal channels and percent slope or rise are included.
  4. In this chapter rate of flow in a channel or pipe, grit particle settling rate, detention time, weir overflow rate, hydraulic or surface loading and percent efficiency or percent removal are discussed.
  5. Davidson pie, pond formula, chlorine (dose, demand and residual), sludge gal/day, trickling filter hydraulic and organic loading, pond waste loading are the topics discussed in this chapter.
  6. Activated sludge process calculations such as F/M ratio, MCRT, SVI, sludge age, SDI and  sludge waste rate,   are discussed in chapter six.
  7. Calculations pertaining to digesters are discussed in chapter seven.
  8. In this chapter calculations regarding pumping rate, DAFT solid loading, piston pump volume delivered per stroke, pressure, work, horsepower, head, water horsepower, brake horsepower, pump and motor efficiency are included
  9. In this final chapter of the book calculations used in lab are discussed.

Fundamentals of Wastewater Treatment for Nitrogen Removal

Author: Mian Javaid Tariq M. S.

Book Contents
  1. Introduction to Nitrogen: This chapter consists of topics such as basic information, electronic configuration of nitrogen, oxidation states of nitrogen, and nitrogen cycle
  2. Nitrogenous compounds in wastewater: Types of nitrogenous compounds in wastewater, origin of nitrogen inn wastewater, why nitrogen should be removed, nitrogen cycle in wastewater effluent.
  3. Nitrification and denitrification: Different topics discussed are biological nitrogen removal, nitrification, factors effecting nitrification, calculations of oxygen and alkalinity requirements for nitrification, and denitrification.
  4. Wastewater treatment systems for nitrogen removal: Topics discussed include Basic information regarding nitrogen removal systems, chemical methods of nitrogen removal, breakpoint chlorination, ion exchange, physical methods, ammonia stripping, biological methods of nitrogen removal, nitrification in suspended growth reactors, activated sludge modifications.
  5. Attached growth wastewater treatment systems for nitrogen removal: Topics included under this topic are trickling filters, RBC, submerged RBC, packed bed reactor, IFAS, MBBR, fluidized bed reactor, overland flow, land application and duckweed pond system.
  6. Operational strategies for wastewater nitrogen removal systems: Different factors which may effect nitrification and denitrification and to control these factors to get the best results.

About The Author

Mian Javaid Tariq M. S.“Math Made Easy for Wastewater Treatment Plant Operators” is intended to help all those working in wastewater treatment plants who need help in mathematics in day to day operations and also those who want to take the operators certification examination. The author has worked more than quarter of a century in the water and wastewater industry and is also Washington State certified group IV, wastewater treatment plant operator.

The book starts with the basic math and slowly deals with the different topics of wastewater treatment math. The book consists of nine chapters, at the end of each chapter practice problems has been provided to apply the topics covered in the chapter.